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About Us - The Fruit Box Story

The Fruit Box is Yorkshire’s original corporate fruit supplier. We are committed to helping companies in Yorkshire to create healthy workplaces for their employees.

We started delivering delicious fresh fruit to offices in Leeds in early 2009. We were overwhelmed by our customer’s response. Our customers responded to the quality of our produce which is far superior to the small sized, over stored fruit from the supermarkets. The main feedback from our customers has been the huge positive impact our delicious fresh fruit boxes have on employee morale and healthy eating habits in the workplace.

We only focus on serving offices which ensures we provide our corporate customers with a high quality service not typically associated with your average fruit retailer. We offer a completely hassle free service.

Our superior quality control
We carefully hand select our fresh fruit each day from The Yorkshire Produce Market to ensure freshness. We promise that you’ll only enjoy the finest fresh fruit in your fruit box. Each piece of fruit is checked for imperfections and we offer a guarantee to replace any fruit should you find any damaged or over ripe.

Our aim is to provide a real taste experience above and beyond the supermarkets and traditional fruit sellers.